SITE 2022

How does it work ?

  1. Register and sign in to SITE 2022 website.
  2. Check your information below and submit the form.
  3. Book a meeting with the Venture Capital that you are interested in. There is a message box to fill in the topic(s)
    you are interested to talk or consult with the venture capital. (The message might affect the venture capital’s decision)
  4. Wait for the confirmation email from the venture capital. (Venture capital have the right to accept or reject the request.)
  5. When your request gets accepted, there will be a confirmation email sent to your email address
    with a meeting link.
  6. Join in the room by clicking the meeting link on the day and time specified.


  1. You should book only the most preferable mentor at a time in order to avoid the technical problem.
  2. The maximum time per meeting is 30 minutes. Please get in and out of the room on time.